#50 – A Big Week In Southampton Podcasting

This week is totally a filler episode. Very short, and just Nick. Back to normal next week, we hope!

This is going to sound a bit ridiculous, but as I was finishing off tidying up the audio on this, and doing the shownotes, the news about Robin Williams broke, and I haven’t been able to get a damn thing done since. So I’ll finish off these shownotes later, and thank you for your patience!

These are the things we’ll be linking to, though, right here, if we get round to it:

Dan/Duke Of Havoc
3 Bods 1 Pod
Need To Consume
Nine Worlds
Barry Nugent
“Need Kids to Follow Instructions? Don’t Ask. Tell.” by Luise Colon
Orangutan Comics
Rebecca Duty
Ed Fortune
Stephen Lacey
Phil Hobden
Alex Fitch

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