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#130 – Only Fools And Horses Work

Alternative title: I’m Not Autistic And You’ve Got A Bike

Nick learns all about James’ real best friend, and James listens to Nick read James’ words.

Show notes
Aussie Man Review:  Man Punches Kangaroo – YouTube

Do we still need to find and share the clip of Del Boy falling through a bar?

Loadsamoney – I was going to include a link to this but every video or image I found just depressed me so I can’t bring myself to.

Toxoplasma gondii – Wikipedia

#129 – Numbers Are Arbitrary

Alternate title: The Disproportionate Amount Of Celebrities Who Died In 2016
It’s 2017 and everything is Britannia Music now. James talks about The Nook, and Nick is the spirit of 2016.

Show notes:
Kate Tempest – Wikipedia
Wilco – Wikipedia
Wilkinsons – Wikipedia