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#141 – I Hate Nazis Though

Nick and James take a bold stance on Nazis. I mean apparently it is a bold stance on Nazis in 2017, so that gag no longer makes any sense. Also, they talk about Pixar vs Dreamworks, and the ennui of children.

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“The Greatest” by Sia (video featuring Maddie Ziegler):

“Big Girls Cry” by Sia (video featuring Maddie Ziegler):

Kubo And The Two Strings:

Captain Underpants:


Minions opening sequence:

Sing red panda moments:

#140 – Your Opinions On The Extension To The M3 Motorway

If the M3 had a bus lane, we would probably throw our parents onto it. In our first episode in a long time, Nick stumbles into a therapy session with James.

No shownotes for this episode, because our ramble doesn’t really head into any real definitive territory. But we’re very glad to be back!

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#139 – 911 Conspiracy Theories

Alternate title: Tonal Shift Nosebleed

Nick and James have some fun, and then Nick introduces a subject that probably needs a content warning.
Content warning: Frank and out of the blue discussion of suicide at the 47 minute mark.

Show notes:
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13 Reasons Why – IMDB

#138 – There Were Three Bears

Nick reads a couple of his favourite childrens’ story books, in the hopes of staving off complete system breakdown.

Show notes:
“The Tiger Who Came To Tea” by Judith Kerr – Amazon
“You’re All My Favourites” by Sam McBratney & Anita Jeram – Amazon

“Go To Sleep” by Tee and Mo:

#137 – Offering Out The Spaniards

Alternative Title: “A Shoe-In For Actual Cancer”
Up for discussion: Why are the English such a pestilence on this planet?

Show notes:
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#135 – The Flavour Of The Room

James is making coffee, and Nick has to apologise to his son, but passive-aggressively.

We talk about loads of other stuff but this is already so late so you’d probably rather just have the episode and work it all out for yourself, am I right?