Monthly Archives: December 2016

#128 – Non Specific Cancer Is Funnier

Nick and James talk about fine British food, Christmas songs, and how all parents are perfect.

“So Anyway… The Autobiography” by John Cleese – Amazon
“16 years ago, a doctor published a study. It was completely made up, and it made us all sicker.” by Adam Mordecai – link

“It’s My Life” by Dr Alban:

“Wonderful Christmas Time” by Paul McCartney:

“Barenaked For The Holidays” by The Barenaked Ladies – Amazon
“Mr Hankey’s Christmas Classics” by Various – Amazon

#127 – The War On Gratitude

Nick and James look through a guinea pig darkly, while doing their first proper live recording.

Show notes:
“The sex acts being officially banned from UK porn” by Joe Vesey-Byrne – link
“Nomad” by Alan Partridge – Amazon
JG Ballard – Wikipedia
“The Catcher In The Rye” by J.D. Salinger – Wikipedia

#126 – To Every Season Turn

Our first show in ages. We don’t talk about any of James’ stuff, but we do talk about entropy, and using Dan Harmon as a barometer for how to live your life.

Nick is way out of practice and asleep at the wheel, so we’ll be back to full shownotes next time!