#49 – Looking Wistfully At A Binary Star

James and Nick talk with Dan (of NeedToConsume et al) about Star Wars virgins and podcast life-partners, and loads of other things.

Dan/Duke Of Havoc – Twitter
Kia Sunda – Twitter
John Venn – Wikipedia

3 Bods 1 Pod – link
British Bodcast – link

Venn Diagrams – Wikipedia
Nine Worlds – Link
Need To Consume – link
“Sex Positive Parenting, or We Don’t Touch Our Vulvas At The Table” by Becoming Supermommy –  link

“A Night At The Opera” by Queen – Wikipedia / Amazon
“Queen’s Greatest Hits” by Queen – Wikipedia / Amazon
“Flash Gordon” by Queen – Wikipedia / Amazon

Football Manager – Wikipedia
Papers Please – Wikipedia
Democracy 3 – Wikipedia

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