#124 – Special Episode: Recorded at Twittercomic2016 – A Conversation About Mental Health Treatment

In this very special episode, recorded on the 15th October, 2016 at the Twittercomic2016 event, James talks to Beth and George Beedham about their personal experiences with mental illness and mental healthcare.

This was recorded in a busy house during an event, so the sound quality is variable, but it’s a great conversation.

If you want to know more about Twittercomic2016, you can go to the fundraising page here. You can also donate to Mind while you’re there – we reached our target on the day, but everything helps!

You can find George Beedham on Twitter and at his website, http://notregret.com/geebie.
You can find Beth Beedham on Twitter and on her blog “White Lace and Welly Boots“. The Priory Flower Company site is here!

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