#118 – Proper Grown Adults

James thinks all women should be one way, and Nick thinks everybody should think like him.

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Around the 50 minute mark, Nick starts talking about some of his post-evaluation feelings and conversations. He mentiones an Unanswered episode about Empathy. It’s #21, and it’s here: link

Show Notes:

Nick has been eating this Sweet Potato Buffalo Chicken casserole (from Paleo Leap) every lunchtime for about two months: link
This is the Spanish Bean Stew (from BBC GoodFood) he’s trying now: link

“Embarassed” by Hollie McNish (directed by Jake Dypka)

Michael K Williams: “The Race Thing Is A Smoke Screen” – link
Only Fools And Horses – Wikipedia

Some clips from Only Fools And Horses:
Here’s Denzil!


Eastenders: You Won’t Believe What Susan Tully Looks Like Now!:

Susan Tully as an person

Susan Tully as an person

Susan Tully as an actress

Susan Tully as an actress

Billy Mitchell – Wikipedia

“Thomas Gibson: The Prior Incidents That Led to His ‘Criminal Minds’ Firing” – Variety

“Shemar Moore Subtweeted Thomas Gibson Following his Dismissal from Criminal Minds” – Vanity Fair

Tess Fowler on Twitter – link

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