#102 – About Dan Harmon: The Star Wars Episode

Alternate title: “Always be flagging”

Reunited after a bloody long time, Nick and James contend with Star Wars, Nick wrestles with bad audio, and James struggles with people being allowed to have opinions.


“Compton” by Dr Dre – Amazon
“Sax Man” by Lonely Island – Amazon / YouTube
“Flutes & Trombones” by Tenacious D – Amazon

Handsome Patrick Troughton:

Patrick Troughton

The Omen – IMDB / trailer

One of the best movie deaths of all time:

The mirror scene from Contact:


Star Trek 4: The Journey Home – Trailer:

James needs to read this: “The Other Side Is Not Dumb” by Sean Blanda – link


Call Me Lucky trailer:

World’s Greatest Dad trailer:

Spontaneanation – link

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