#94 – The Kid With The Rat On His Neck

Nick and James try to work out what to call this episode, and also review their favourite mental health apps. James also tries to explain Cricket to Nick.


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Alternate titles:
A Sallow Walrus
I Trust Their Algorithm

Show notes:

The Talking Room: Adam Savage talks to Mary Roach – link
“Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in Space” by Mary Roach – Amazon
Burning Love – IMDBNetflix

Burning Love trailer:

Space Station 76 – IMDB / Amazon

Space Station 76 trailer:

Kentucky Fried Movie – IMDB / Amazon

Kentucky Fried Movie trailer:

Meatballs – IMDBAmazon
Stripes – IMDBAmazon

River Living Bonus:  Hendrik’s History – link

Sense8 – Netflix
Sense8 trailer:

“Hold On” by Wilson Phillips at Amazon, or here:

“What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes – Amazon / YouTube

Reginald Perrin – IMDBYouTube

Moodtracker App – Official Site
Fallout Shelter – Official Site

Farm Simulator 2014 – Official Site

Nick’s Twitter Analysis – link
James’ Twitter Analysis – link

James is way more “Angry” than Nick, is what they’ve worked out.

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