#88 – Oranges Are Not The Only Black

Nick and James talk about audio holograms, porncrastination, and the nature of memory. Also, why we should be scared of certain animals, and how we feel about our teenage selves.

Show notes:
Locke & Key vol 1 by Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez – Amazon
Swamp Thing by Alan Moore, Titan volumes:

2015-06-16 00.45.30

Steve Bissette in black & white/colour:

2015-06-16 00.49.16 2015-06-16 00.50.19

“Pop Said…” by The Darling Buds – Amazon / Wikipedia
“Pure” by The Primitives – Amazon / Wikipedia
Voice Of The Beehive – Wikipedia
Josie And The Pussycats soundtrack – Amazon
“Lets Go Round There” by The Darling Buds – YouTube

“Revenge Of The Goldfish” by Inspiral Carpets – Amazon / Wikipedia
“Generations” by Inspiral Carpets – YouTube

TFI Friday – Wikipedia

“Directing Traffic” by Inspiral Carpets – Amazon / YouTube (audio only)

Inspiral Carpets Peel Session – YouTube (audio only)
Sleaford Mods – Wikipedia

“All In The Mind” on Radio 4 – link

Pot Noodle Peperami combo video – YouTube

Megadog – official site
Marwell Zoo – Wikipedia / official site

Pictures of red pandas – Google

Reconcilable Differences – link

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