#78 – Loving You Since The Miners’ Strike


James and Nick talk about nostalgia, pop music, consent, Mel and Kim, and the murder of squirrels.

Things that may help with this episode:
“Listen To The Radio” by Pukka Orchestra – YouTube
“Can Porn Empower Women?” on Woman’s Hour – iPlayer
“The one mystery Backstrom can’t solve? Women!” Backstrom trailer – YouTube / IMDB

Ashley Vex – Twitter
Pandora Blake – Twitter
Dr Anna Arrowsmith – Twitter

Murder at Crufts – Google

“Get The Message” by Electronic – YouTube / Amazon
“How Soon Is Now” by Love Spit Love (from “The Craft”) – YouTube

“Hippy Chick” by Soho – YouTube / Amazon

Grimez – YouTube
“In The Flesh/Another Brick In The Wall” by Roger Waters (Live in 2012) – YouTube
“Oh Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison (featuring bloody EVERYBODY) – YouTube / Amazon

“It Ain’t What You Do” by Fun Boy Three & Bananarama:

“China In Your Hand” 12 inch version by T’Pau – YouTube / Amazon

“I Think We’re Alone Now” by Tiffany – YouTube
Mel and Kim – Wikipedia


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