#77 – A Fat Man Smoking Cigarettes In The Rain

Nick and James talk about having too much empathy, being too famous, the neurological rationale for being a pedant, and handling fear of death and IT in children.

Things that may help with this episode:
“Dreamweaver” by Sabbat – Wikipedia / Amazon
“The Kenneth Williams Diaries” by Kenneth Williams & Russell Davies – Amazon

Reply All: “#14 – The Art Of Making And Fixing Mistakes” – link
The Worst Idea Of All Time – link
It’s Science, Bitch! – link

Leonard Nimoy – Wikipedia / IMDB / RIP
Dapper Laughs – Wikipedia
Jim Davidson – Wikipedia
Nick Bateman – Wikipedia
Kenneth Williams – Wikipedia / IMDB
Peppa Pig – Wikipedia

Noah watching My Neighbour Totoro

Noah watching My Neighbour Totoro

The Rugrats Movie – IMDB / Amazon

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