#18: I’ve Lied To Her Too Much


In our 18th episode, Nick sets ground rules for the call, and James very patiently doesn’t mention it when Nick breaks them.

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In This Episode…

“Sheriff Fatman” by Carter USM – YouTube / Amazon

Films and TV:
This Is 40 – IMDB / Amazon
Knocked Up – IMDB / Amazon
The Santa Clause – IMDB / Amazon
Father Christmas (by Raymond Briggs) – IMDB / Amazon
Hebburn – IMDB / Amazon
Caterrick – IMDB / Amazon
Orange Is The New Black – IMDB / Netflix
Lilyhammer – IMDB / Amazon
Star Trek Voyager – IMDB / Amazon

Kenneth Williams – Wiki / IMDB
Paul Rudd – IMDB

Little Inferno – official site / HumbleBundle
Prison Architect – official site

“The Road” by Cormac McCarthy – Amazon
“The Kenneth Williams Diaries” edited by Russell Davies – Amazon

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