#73 – Interesting Times And SJWs

Nick and James sit around the Gillie dinner table, and talk about, among other things, cartoons, Tony Blair, and telling your child about tidying etiquette.

A Mad Mad Mad Mad World – IMDBYouTube
Tim and Max Learnt Everything They Know About Life From Popular Culture Episode 1: Childhood, Play and Learning – link
Battle Of The Planets – IMDB

The opening titles for Battle Of The Planets strikes a chord with anyone of a certain age and set of preoccupations:

Joe 90 – IMDB

The Joe 90 opening titles, in which he sits emotionless in a giant metal womb, ready to rebirth him into the world as a different persona, in case you weren’t quite creeped out enough right now:

Leigh Alexander’s Games Now! talk – link
John Hodgman’s 23 tweets – Salon

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