#71 – Who’s Finlay?

It’s the second special Gillie family episode of 2 Grown Men, so it seems a good time to update the FAQ. James gets started, by asking Scarlet and Nicola some Very Important Questions. To varying levels of success.

Show notes

Rose Road – link
Pam Ayres – Wikipedia
“Opposites Attract” by Paula Abdul & DJ Skat Cat – YouTube

Maybe you don’t know “Opposites Attract”? It’s this:

Less Important:
Sarah Millican – Wikipedia
Alan Carr – Wikipedia

Michael Bublé – Wikipedia / Amazon
Hugh John Mungo Grant – Wikipedia / IMDB
Maybe you don’t know Hugh John Mungo Grant? This is him:


(He’s dreamy. Look at that cute awkward sort of head to the side, askance shoulders thing he’s got going on. He’s definitely more a “Jim” than a “Dwight”, isn’t he? If he were a Friends, he’d almost certainly be a “Chandler”.)

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