#65 – Superstars Of Tramp

Nick and James talk about Band Aid again, and other things, in an episode that might as well be called “confused meta-textual podcast about podcasts and the homeless and a confused relationship with privilege”.

Show Notes
Further Listening:

Dissecting Worlds S9 Ep3 “Horror Espionage” – link
We Have Issues – link
Geek Syndicate Ep 232 – link
“Do They Know It’s Christmas?” – YouTube
“Do They Know It’s Christmas? 2014” – YouTube
“We’re Scared Of Bob” –YouTube
Bill Hicks on the Homeless (from “Dangerous”) – YouTube / Amazon

The Homeless:
“Cult of Burping Man Ron growing on the internet” – Daily Echo
“Nobby – A Familiar Face in Peterborough – Peterborough Telegraph

Adam Buxton – Wikipedia / website
Anthony Carboni – website
Jack Monroe – Wikipedia

A quick aside: Anyone who has, at the top of their Wikipedia entry, “For the Marvel superhero character”, gets instant extra credit!

From the Wikipedia entry for Jack Monroe.

From the Wikipedia entry for Jack Monroe.


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