#37 – Burpo Is For Real

“Times are bad. Nicolas no longer obeys his parents and James is writing a book.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

In This Episode…
Things That Daddy Likes:

Ricky Lambert – Wikipedia
Saints – Wikipedia
Lawrie McMenemy – Wikipedia
Panini Stickers – Wikipedia

Dean Gaffney – IMDB
Rhona Mitra – IMDB
Bob Geldof – Wikipedia
Rolf Harris – Wikipedia
Gary Barlow – Wikipedia
Noam Chomsky – Wikipedia
Nigel Farage – Wikipedia
Nick Griffin – Wikipedia
Colton Burpo – Wikipedia

Further Reading:
Soccer Bible – link

Doomsday – IMDB / Amazon
Pink Floyd’s The Wall – IMDB / Amazon

Other things:
Kinder Surprises – Wikipedia
Radio 4 – Wikipedia
Eurovision Song Contest 2014 – Wikipedia
Operation Yewtree – Wikipedia
Halal – Wikipedia

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