#4: Sheep Is Plural As Well As Singular

Bonus episode name: “We Don’t Let Them See Us Arguing”

Nick and James talk about arguments and animation, and read some of the feedback listeners have sent. Are we just creating “a record of continual amazement someone let us make a baby”?

Mentioned this episode:
Adventure Time – Wikipedia.
Studio Ghibli – Wikipedia.
Laputa The Floating Island – IMDB.
Whisper Of The Heart – IMDB.
John Denver – Wikipedia.
Take Me Home Country Road, as featured in the Whisper Of The Heart trailer – YouTube.
Emperor’s New Groove – IMDB.
Farming Simulator 2013 – Steam.
Battle Dragons – site.
“Free Your Mind” by En Vogue – Wikipedia/YouTube.
Ruth Theodore – site.
Dissecting Worlds – site.
Small Press Big Mouth – site.
Parkinson’s Law – Wikipedia.
“Nonsense Bullshit Jobs” by David Graeber – link.

Special Thanks:
Mike Georgiou
Domi & Jamie Sinclair
Stacey Whittle
Matt Farr
And everybody else who emailed us!

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